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2005 VASCM Booth at the Santa Cruz County Fair

Calling all VASCM members!  We need volunteers to help hold down the fort at our booth at the Santa Cruz County Fair.  You will get a free ticket for entry to the Fair the day you volunteer, plus you will get to see our terrific booth and the rest of the Fair, too.

Below is our sign-up chart.  The Fair is open Tuesday - Sunday, September 9-14.  The Fair's hours vary, but we are looking for volunteers for the busiest hours (the non-blacked-out hours in the chart), especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (the purple days in the chart).


1.  Look at the chart below and find a block of time that you'd like to sign up for.  We need only two people/hour, so if the time is already filled by two people please find another time.
2.  Shifts are in 2-hour increments, but if you can contribute 3 hours that's okay, too.  
3.  We would like to fill the time slots on Friday, Saturday and Sunday first if you are available on those days.  However, any time you can contribute is appreciated!
4.  Please email Mary Lindsay  with the time slot you are requesting.  We will fill the time slots on a first come first serve basis, and will confirm its availability with you.  We will post assignments to the chart as they are filled.  If the time you choose is no longer available we will let you know and ask that you choose another time.

This is an opportunity to talk with Fair-goers about our vineyards.  Booth duty primarily involves talking with people who come by about our vineyards.

Thank you so much.  And enjoy the Fair!  

You can find more information about the Fair at

Date Person Hour (PM)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 September
10 September
11 September
12 September
13 September
14 September

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